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Supplying Artwork

All files are recommended to be supplied in a PDF format.

Please check the following before you create your PDF from any program:

  • All fonts and images are present.
  • The job contains no RGB images.
  • The job contains the expected number of colours to print.
  • If bleed is required, set to a minimum of 3mm on all edges.
  • Any text or logos are 5mm away from the edge, unless they are intended to run off the page into the bleed.
  • Double sided artwork are supplied as two sides, not in pairs to view.
  • Folded items are supplied as spreads to view.
  • Multi page documents are supplied in single pages and in page order.

Useful guide for saving from commonly used programs:


  • Convert all images to CMYK.
  • Ensure your images have a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Save as TIFF, EPS, JPEG or PDF format.


  • Include all embedded images & convert all text to outlines.
  • Save as EPS or PDF format.


  • Ensure all placed images are in CMYK.
  • Export to PDF format choosing 'Press Ready Option'.


  • Ensure all placed images are in CMYK.
  • Export to PDF format choosing 'Press Ready Option'.

Corel Draw

  • Ensure all placed images are in CMYK.
  • Publish to PDF format choosing 'Press Ready Option'.

It is not recommended that you use the following programs for your design:
Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint & Pagemaker.

However if you have, please output to a PDF and supply that to us.

If you are having difficulty doing this, here is a link to a website that can convert any of these files into a PDF online and it is FREE!


Following these guidelines ensures that there will be no delays with printing.
If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call our customer support team who will be more than willing to help.

Tel: 01303 277261 (Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 16:00)